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Bungy Jumping off the
Bridge and Into River Gorge
$100.00 Offer One

Heading OneHeading TwoHeading Three

18 Holes of Golf with the
World's Best Mountain Views
$50.00 Offer One

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Free Horse Rides on the Beach
with Time Limited Coupon Offer
FREE Offer One

Every day in the Spring, Summer, and Fall we have our stables open for a limited number of Free horse rides each day Monday to Sunday. This is a very special experience and...

Stay the Weekend & Get Monday for Free!
FREE Offer One

Book any weekend in the regular season and Monday for Free! This is a high-value limited quantity offer so act fast to reserve the best dates for your extended holiday.  You can expect...

Buy One Dozen Get Second Dozen at 50% Off
FREE Offer One

If you have a sweet tooth for cupcakes you will come close to death and or die and then go to heaven at Marla's Bakery & Kitchen Communal. This is where all...

See the Purple People
Eaters & Get Two For One
FREE Offer One

If you've never seen the Purple People Eaters now is your best chance to take a friend and save $20.00 with a special 2 for 1 ticket price for this matinee show.

Hot Rock Treatment with Back Massage
$20.00 Offer One

Enjoy a Spa Day with the ancient Hot Rock Treatment with a back massage included at no additional charge. This is a great way to learn about the healing powers of the...

Get Two Days for the Price of One!
$75.00 Offer One

Enjoy the beautiful Mountaintop scenery and get some of the best vertical drop skiing in North America at Mount Washington this year. On now till the end of...

Test Offer - Now Only $10
$10.00 Offer One

This is a test offer, please do not attempt to buy

Bring a Friend to the Piano Recital for Free!
FREE Offer One

Hear the Famous Ivan Rempel play Mozart in this rare 2:00 pm concert matinee.

Bring Your Kids Party to the Winter Carnival
$1.00 Offer One

ONE WEEKEND ONLY! Bring your kids and all their friends... You won't be paying more than one dollar to get in on all the fun. Your Kids and...

Flaming Flamenco Guitarist - Fire &
Flames You Must See it to Believe it!
FREE Offer One

Tell your friends and family to ring your fire retardant gear to hear this classical music musician and pyrotechnical technician as he lights up his guitar and the...

Learn About Careers in the
Travel Industry - One Day Only
FREE Offer One

Learn more about how you can find a rewarding career in the booming tourist industry of British Columbia. Many jobs offer full time positions, others offer part-time or...

Tour of Cowichan Valley Wine Country
$1.00 Offer One

You just can't beat the price of this tour! Each winery will have its own special vintages and some snacks for you to sample the grapes of the...

Go for a Carnival Ride
FREE Offer One

Just so easy for you and the kids to all feel the same age. Bring back old memories and create new ones with a trip to the carnival and a...


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